Altstadt (Salzburg, continued)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Altstadt (old town) in Salzburg is the heart of the city. When I studied there in 2009, Caroline and I would walk through the Altstadt and see at least one person we knew (it's not that big of a city, you know. I always loved that). When Kayla and I were visiting last weekend, we wandered around the familiar streets and said things like, "Oh, that's a new store!" or "Good, I'm glad that's still there". We get a little annoyed with the city decides to change without letting us know first.

And that advertisement (above) says:
"Salzburg Christmas Market....get excited, it's coming soon!"
Oh, we are excited alright.
We'll be there the 2nd weekend in December.
And it will be magical.

How magical?

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Jan said...

You're so lucky to be going there in December!!! I know it will be as magical as you hope for!!